do you want to experience sisterhood ?


do you want to be a part of a women’s circle among women from all over the world?


This women’s circle is a space:

– where we rise each other up instead of cutting each other down

– where we draw our worth from within, rather than letting the outside decide

– where we remember the wisdom of our womb, sexuality and spirituality

– where we value our feelings

– reconnect with mother earth and our own natural rhythms

– where we heal the trauma within us and our sisters

– create a balance between our female and masculine nature

Together, we are creating a matrix of positive change and women’s empowerment.  

We will start with monthly circles after the summer holidays 2019, and they will be held on the 4th Wednesday of each month – with the exception of December, where we have taken the holidays into consideration.

Please find the proposed dates below:
August 28th
September 25th
October 23rd
November 27th
December 11th

We meet in the beautiful space of perspectiva, Auberg 9, Basel, 3rd floor. Doors open at 19:00, and we will start at 19:15 until 21:45, at which point we can share in a potluck meal to ground us and close our special time together.
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* Please note that the first circles in August and September will  be open to new comers –  to see if you would like to join us going forward. We intend to  keep the group size small and intimate. Starting with the October circle, it will be a closed group until the end of this year.
Closing the circle is very helpful to build trust in each other and going deeper together.

Ajana will be our guide and we were able to see, feel and experience a touch of what Ajana has to offer at the first circle.  It is clear that creating an evening like this involves much preparation, energetically and physically curating a program for the highest interest of all of us woven together in the women’s work web.

In the paradigm in which we live, commitment of our time, energy and a financial offering allows us to heighten our experience of these circle to a new level.  It is a clear message to the Universe that you are ready – ready to step into your Divine Feminine essence and power, not only for yourself but for all women – for all humanity, now and to come.  It is no small feat.

For the financial exchange: The cost will be a total of 275 CHF (55 CHF per session, x 5 sessions), which we are asking to be paid in whole at the August circle to confirm your placement. If you are new in August or September it will be CHF 55 for one evening, after that you can decide if it resonates with you and want to join us in a closed group.

Ajana has decided that she will donate 10% of all proceeds to Aliena, a local organisation, which is an advice centre in Basel for women in the sex work, especially migrants.

*If you are unable to pay this amount altogether at this time, please get in touch with us to discuss a payment plan.

**Additionally, if you know now that you cannot make it for one of these dates, please let us know and we will reflect that in your payment.

If you are ready to take this leap, please join us in circling together.
contact and more information:

About Ajana

Ajana was born in Germany and now lives in Frenkendorf, near Basel with her husband and two daughters.

After finishing university as a pharmacist and PHD in analytical chemistry, she started to delve deeply into the inner realms of our psyche. She has spent the last 25 years in studying and teaching a multitude of alternative healing modalities, especially Voice Dialogue, Cranio Sacral Balancing and Somatic Experiencing.

After attending her first women’s circle in 2005 she was passionate about this work and started to learn from different divine feminine teachers as Diana Richardson, Chameli Ardagh and most of all Mayonah Bliss. After attending, then assisting her one year training “Im Tempel der Weiblichkeit, Initiation in ein erfülltes Frausein” she is now co-leading it together with Mayonah in Switzerland. Since 2009 she started to lead her own women circles and is the co – founder all woman. She is inspired by the work of Zola Dubnikovka and is attending the „art of feminine presence mastery training“ of Rachael Jayne Groover.

She’s also very much connected to nature and plants and has been leading Jahreskreisrituale for 7 years. As a pharmacist she teaches herbal medicine and herbal cosmetics and how to connect with nature again.

She is one of many midwives helping to birth the new feminine paradigm in our time. She is a sacred feminine awakener, Voice Dialogue teacher, coach, wife and mother. Her main gifts and passion are to reconnect women with their bodies, wisdom and femininity, especially to their wombs and create sacred healing female space. She loves the magic that happens when women circle in a sacred way.DSC_8010_final

With all woman she’s been offering many workshops on the different female archetypes, selflove, and heart-womb power.

Her main gifts and her passion is the magic of connection. She truly believes that our planet needs more connection be it with ourselves, our bodies, our sisters and brothers or with plants and nature.